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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas with the Caldwells

We had a wonderful Christmas here at the Caldwell's Arizona homestead.
Last night James got to read The Night Before Christmas from a beautifully illustrated new book.
This morning we took a video of us opening presents, I hope to get one every year from now on.
This year is the first year that we have had a tree, I had so much fun picking out ornaments, so you all get to see a few of them, hehe *evil laugh*!
We also took a picture of James in front of the tree and our presents.
He looks so sweet in his little sleeper. We have been joking all day that Santa left his little elf here for a random quality check! We are corny, we know...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snug as three bugs in a rug!

So many beings need to snuggle me! Or maybe it is just really cold! burrrrr!!!!
Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wesley and Richard resting after the feast! The Ham was soooo good! Lisa really out did herself!

The Boys (Jonathan and Wesley) have been threatening for a couple years to bring a bucket of Chicken to Thanksgiving because they apparently hate the Thanksgiving meal. Anyway they told Lisa, who was making the majority of the meal, and she told them that if they did she would make them outside in the cold! haha Well when we got to her house for the meal she had put out these chairs with the guys' names on them! They boys hadn't brought the Chicken but when they saw the chairs they wished they had just to see if she would actually go through with her threats! haha!

The four cousins...I can't believe that they are getting so big! I remember holding Brenn on my lap as we played Hide and Seek! I don't think that would work now!

Eating Prunes

Baby James is eating his first simi-solid foods. He loves Bannanas, applesause and prunes. Here he is eating his prunes and getting them everywhere. He really likes his new foods, he opens up like a little baby bird! SOOOO CUTE!
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Thanksgiving pictures

Here are the boys and Brenn playing football. They really had fun. I know that Jonathan really enjoyed it! He hasn't gotten to play a game since Florida College.