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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wesley and Dad

Wesley and Dad went to an Air Soft game...i think that is want they called it....all i can think to say is Air Softing and i know that is not right! hehe
Anyway they had a big time, there were like 400 people that attended! I just had so share how cute they look! Wesley is even thinking of hosting an Air Soft game at their ranch.
(Wesley is the third from the left and Dad is the fourth)
Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow day!

We awoke to a winter wonderland! Yippy for snow!

What is this stuff...?

Trying to gather enough snow for a snow man...they didn't get too far. I think they had a little snow A.D.D. They soon moved on to trying to kill Jeremy via trash can.

Good plan...

Maybe not so good plan...

Waffles and Killer Kitties

Finally got to use my Texas shaped waffle maker Saturday night for a yummy breakfast for Dinner. The maker worked great I just have to find some really yummy waffle recipe. The Bisquick one was ok...but with it being Texas shaped who can settle for just ok! ;)

Jo-Bo earns his keep my tracking and "disposing" of any critters that might make there way past our doors. The other day he "removed" a moth from the house and James enjoyed watching him leap and pounce and was trying to mimic him. He ended up under the table crawling around and smacking the floor. So cute.
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

James and Poppy

Chuck-E-Cheese trip with Mumz and Poppy :)

Poppy and James working on James's new work bench. He absolutely loves all tools and loved that the saw and drill thingy buzzed and lit up like the really worked. So cute!

My New Chair!!

My wonderful chair and a half!! Jonathan is calling it my "chair of relaxitude" hehe. It is in my bedroom and I have already watched a movie and enjoyed the quite in my lovely chair oasis. ;)