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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

25th Anniversary

Here are the pictures from Grant and Marilyn anniversary party. Marilyn was so surprised (it was a surprise party) Grant said that he knew something was up he just wasn't sure what! So we got them almost completely which is fun. I know that if I ever try a surprise Anniversary party for my parents my mom will figure it out 2 weeks before! haha
Anyway here the picture. All the grand kids, grandparents and grand kids and then all of us.
So cute.
Monday, November 24, 2008

"Deep in the Heart of Texas"

After a long day of travel we made it to the great state of Texas. I am so excited about finally getting to have a family Thanksgiving! It has been too long. Jonathan has never even been to a big family Thanksgiving with my family.
This year not only will we get to be with family, we also get to have his parents there as well. "One Big Happy"
I am also excited because Wesley is coming home from Florida Collage. We haven't seen him and he hasn't seen James since he was born. I feel like I haven't seen him for even longer because I was so tired and focused on James when he was there.
Anyway, pictures will be posted I am sure of the festivities.
Also as soon as I get a hold of them, I am going to put up pictures of Grant and Marilyn's anniversary party from a week ago, along with the cake that I made for the event.
Love you all!!
Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday we had one of our favorite breakfasts and it is also the first time since the baby that we have be able to have it.
Yummy sausage balls!
We were very excited and even more excited when Jonathan realized that he had portioned out the sausage balls perfectly....yes we are aware that it is sad...but thank goodness for the small things, they make life entertaining. ;)

Too Funny

This was just too funny to pass up!! It is Not either of our cats, but it does look a lot like Jo-Bo. (which I guess I need to get a picture of them up here, hum) Anyway it is just sooooo cute!
Monday, November 17, 2008

The boys go walking

We are working out a new schedule. James is almost sleeping through the night. He is at about 5:00 now and so i am taking the feeding and Jonathan is now going to get up with him and they are going to go walking and have daddy baby cute!
Here they are going for their first walk, and mom, as you can guess, is heading back to catch some zzzzzzzzzz!!
(Doesn't Daddy look blurry eyed, HaHa)
Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Internet Home!

I have moved us to a blog! It is soooo much easier to post picture and I love the layout and you get a lot more room so I wont have to delete stuff. Also you can comment on the posting which I think is fun! I have moved almost everything from the old on e to here except the videos. Only the sonogram would transfer straight from the googlepage to here. So i will have to get on my youtube and get the embedding code from there. In short It may take a little while to get them all move! sorry and Grandmother types. ;)
Anyway I hope you all like the new page!

Baby News Flash!!!

James is cutting his first teeth, and he is not a happy camper! they have been going in and out so no cute toothy grins yet! He is a little early so all the teething toys that we can find are to big for his little mouth...and he doesn't seem to get what they are for anyway. So we have baby Orajel and lots of lovin' ;)

Sleeping through the Park

The little stinker sleept through the whole trip to the park! But we had to leave anyway because it was much to cold! *sniff, sniff* We are planning a trip when it warms up a little...which is a weird thing to say in yuma az

My new bangs and James's new do too!

After mom saw James in his little Mohawk she said that I could no longer complain about people thinking he was a girl (even when he is in all blue). She said that it looked more like a little curl that you put in baby girls hair...I think that she is just jealous that she can't ware a Mohawk! HAHA ;)

More cakes!

You can't hardly see it in the picture, but on top of every layer is "sparkling sugar" it is basically unrefined would be great for a winter themed cake.
I am so happy about the way the sugar flowers turned out!

a songbook cake for a singing we had at the house! everyone seemed to like it, a few didn't see it at first and were shocked that it was a cake. :)

Family Update!!

We are all doing wonderful, especially now that the heat has finally broken (a bit)!
James and I are taking daily morning walks and he loves it! This morning we stopped at the little park area and sat for about an hour with him looking all around and kicking his feet, he just loved it. Tomorrow Jonathan is going with us, he wants to see the cuteness! ;)

Jonathan and I are both busy with more than just baby stuff. Jonathan is still working hard at his MBA and of course making all A's with hardly any perceivable just makes me sick ;) (just kidding! hehe)

I have taken up a new hobby of cake making! Dad and I are both decorating cakes together...well as together as it gets 2 states away ;)! It is really really fun!
I tell you this because Jonathan has twisted my arm in to putting up pictures of the two that I have here they are.

This is my first attempt at a fondant cake...I think that it turned out well. Though the ribbon isn't fondant as it will be on any future cakes. I would like to keep everything much as I can anyway.

Tea cup cake! Everything is edible, the tea cups are fondant and i put little chocolate chips in the is hard to see from the picture...:)

Motherhood rule #5: Let sleeping babies lie!

I can't believe how big he is getting, he no longer looks so lost in the sea of his crib! This is the first time that he looks like he belongs in there.

Baby makes three

GG and Pawpaw visit James!!

They had so much fun! Pawpaw just loved his namesake!

Sweet baby sleeping...that boppy is almost the only thing that he will sleep in...glad we have it!!

Could my boys be more adorable!!!
Our Baby Boy is here!!!!!