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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Shish Kabob Esperiment and Backyardagains

Jonathan made Shish Kabobs for dinner! It was fun, we think it would be a fun party theme!

James watching the Backyardagains and drinking his juice in his chair! ;)


I am sure at some point I will stop posting these....well probably not! ;)
Saturday, February 14, 2009

Making Cakes

A few of you know and to those that don't, I am making cakes for a local restaurant. I have made one and am scheduled to make another Monday, and then a Mardi Gras cake for the weekend. I don't make much, but the experience and visibility is really the reward for me! I have a website, I am hoping to drum up some business soon!!

Babbling Baby

James is so cute with his constant babbling. He is using many more consonants (which, of course, means that he is ahead).


You can see one, but the other is breaking through! I think that with in a week they will be out and ready to munch! haha!
As soon as they are out, we are going to get a professional family pic and baby pictures. The baby in the bath tub, and booty pics.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Jonathan gave me great gifts this Valentines Day! Besides the Flowers, and Candy, he took the baby this morning and I got to sleep until 10:00! crazy great!
This year we also exchanged hand-made cards! You can see his next to my flower, he used milk to age it, I was very impressed at the creativity! Apparently it was a 4th grade project...he is cute! I made mine will all my scrapbooking stuff. They were both appropriately sappy ;)!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day at the park!

We had a really great day! James played in the sun and loved the grass! Jonathan and I read and played Mancala! It is nice to have a second vote for going to the park! (and the second vote is James!)
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Handsome little man!

James and I...well maybe just to coordinate on Sundays! hehe. He was so cute, he looks like a little Al Capon!

Here we have James's version of "Risky Business"!!!