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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Family, fun, and food!!

Dallas Christmas...

Setting up for Poker!

Daddy working away in the kitchen

Mimi and Grandpa Grant Christmas.....


Sweet James playing with Lillian and her new tea set

D for Dinosaur

Made a Dino out of clay! I was so proud, was always, at his creativity!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cards for you and me

Count down to Christmas "Make a card for each members of you family"
In my continued effort to promote giving not just getting this holiday season, we made cards for each family member.
James really enjoyed it and even made an extra for our babysitter. He love passing them out! Lillian didn't get it a first but caught on when we were passing them out that night. They both put their cards from each other in their rooms. I am so happy at how much they really love each other!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Quite book

I have begun the car trip prepping today and am readying myself with books, toys, color books and a new quite book!
I love all the fun ideas out there on the web for quiet books. I made a super fast one a month ago and the kids like it so I went all out this time.
All I used was an old three ring binder, several colored sheets of felt, hot glue and old fashion imagination!

Dressing and putting baby to bed, Lillian is already in love with this page

Fishing with magnets and an apple button tree

Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf mischief

Our elf, Barnard, decorated the kids bathroom mirror last night!
James says he is going to "tell Santa about this elf!"

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Count down to Christmas presents, Fun with Snowflakes!!
We made paper snow! I remember doing this as a kid and loving it, and my kiddos did too! Lillian mostly just made a mess by cutting and cutting the scraps into oblivion, but James started to get the hang of it in the end. He managed to make a couple really good ones and had a great time.
I was going to hang them from the ceiling over the tree, but I think I like them better on the tree.

Dickens Christmas

Even though it felt way too warm for Christmas activities, Saturday we enjoyed the second Dickens Christmas in downtown Tuscumbia. The kids loved the horse drawn carriage ride, Lillian especially, she loves horses! They also had fake snow and vendors. We missed some of the earlier events and didn't even bother to visit Santa in the train because the kids are not so into seeing him this year. But it I was fun and I am looking forward to next year! I hope it continues to grow! :)
Sunday, December 2, 2012

You're a cute one, Mr Grinch!

My little ruffled Grinch!
I adore this fabric! It is so fun, and even though the Grinch didn't actually say "Bah Humbug" I think he and Scrooge would get along...or not get along...getting along seems like something happy people do, not storybook grumps!
Anyway, check out my little Grump on my Etsy page and get one for your little Grinch!

Merry Grinchmas!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here!!

My favorite season is finally here! I love the Christmas trees, the holiday music, the crafts, the cookie making, the lights, in short I love it all! It is such a wonderful time of year! People seem to be happier and everything seems to me to be brighter and more joyous. I am so amazingly blessed to have such wonderful family on both sides to enjoy my holidays with. Also a very tolerant husband, he is in his heart a Grinch but he stows the green guy while I decorate, craft and sing holiday songs all around the house!
We put up our tree and decorations a couple of days ago and Santa's little helper Bernard showed up last night with donuts and cocoa!
This is the first year we have done the Elf on the Shelf and though I still find the little dude a bit creepy, I just love all the funny things you can do with them. I can't wait!
Happy holidays!
Stay tuned for elf mischief and our Count Down the Christmas activities!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

USS Razorback Submarine

We when on a Thanksgiving trip to Little Rock, AR and had so much fun.
Really, I am serious!
We went and toured a submarine and went to super fun restaurant that had trains that delivered your food to the tables! It is called All Aboard and if you are ever in the area you have to check it out! We really enjoined the Sub and I am planning to do a section on subs with James next week. The history is so different than what we see in movies.
This submarine served in WWII and it was hot (100-120) and cramped! The interior is basically a walk way flanked my either stacks of beds or machinery! Crazy! I can't imagine working and living like that, but the tour guide said they were very well paid and the top 2% of the navy.
God bless those who protect us and our freedoms, especially if they did it from a WWII Sub!

Here is my little sailor!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Eating out...outside that is

Helping mommy cook and having a fun dinner on the deck!
I was a beautiful night so we dragged the food out onto the deck, we also listened to Christmas music! It is almost that time of year, we are pretty strict about NO Christmas before Thanksgiving!
Monday, November 19, 2012

Samaritans Purse Toy Boxes

I have wanted to do the Samaritans Purse boxes for a couple of years and have finally gotten it all together in time, barely in time! James was very interested and glad to give to the "children with no money to buy toys", though he did ask if they were going to send him a toy in return. I told him that the gift that we get is knowing that we have make someone happy, and made God happy. He seemed OKAY with this! haha! I was also very proud that he was able to shop for the boxes without begging and was happy to pack them up and send them off. He is a good boy!
We packed toys and school supplies for a boy and girl about James and Lillian's age. Also we included photos and a note/picture the kids drew. The site said that if you include your address you make hear back from the child that gets your box. It would make James's day, and mine, to get a letter from Africa!