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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr Seuss Birthday Week

In honor of the great writer and illistrator that we all have learned so much from, we are having a Dr Seuss week of crafts, stories and learning games topped off with a party at the Shoals Children's museum.
I think Dr Seuss has a place in everyone's heart! He is a wonderful artist and writes deceptivly deep liturature. I know I want to collect all of his books for my kids to enjoy and learn from.

Our own finicky fish in a bowl will be watching over our Seussian mayhem!
One fish, two fish hands

Seuss inspired rhyming match game.

Truffula tress using tissue paper and stickers and a fun game of magnetic fishing!
Pinned Image
If you are in the area join us at the Children's Museum of the Shoals for Dr Seuss Birthday Party!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Read aloud book

Reading to kids it a wonderful way to promote literacy, to grow a love of learning that will serve them the all their lives. My husband and I have always read to our little bits, even when they were too little to understand! We both love to read and think it is the best gift, besides a love of the Lord, that we can give to our children.

I love reading the little bedtime books, some of which are truly wonderful, but I would really love to read something with a little more story. So I am going to starting a reading a chapter book aloud. I tried this before and it didn't really take off. I looked up read aloud books and picked Peter Pan, I even showed him the movie to get him in the mood for the book. Unfortunately it is a very old book and while I am sure the kids of the time found the style and wording very enthralling, my kid did not, I even found it a bit tongue tying at times.
So this time I picked My Father's Dragon. It is about a little boy who goes off the the Wild Island to save a misused baby dragon. (sounds just about right for my little Attila the Hun!!)
I am happy to report that he loves it so far and is already play acting the first couple of chapters that we read today.

Nailed it!
If you are interested in a good chapter book for your little bits this is a great site. It has wonderful list and links to book buying sites for when you have found the on you want. It also looks like you can create your own lists of future reads.
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ants Alive!!!

We are doing My Father's World kindergarten curriculum this year. We are working at it more slowly because James is only 4, so I am hoping to finish around Christmas. Even so I am behind in the live animal portions of the lessons. The bug lesson (which we have already passed) called for an ant farm. Well procrastination ensued until I have FINALLY got the ants and put them in their home.
I am really glad I didn't wait any longer to open the package than 2 day because the ants were live ants not eggs or something, which is what I assumed they where. We all know what happens when you assume! Haha!
Anyway James was terrified and wasn't going to help me. (Back story: I thought he would find the story of man eating ants in Africa weird and cool not nightmare inducing)
Long story short we stuck the ants in the fridge for 10 seconds to calm them and QUICKLY deposited them into the ant hill. Full disclosure mom was a little freaked out too!
All we have to do now is watch them and hope they don't stage a revolution in the night...seriously I am a little concerned.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Universal studios trip

We had a fabulous time at Universal Studios in Orlando! My Parents and I ran ragged having an epic amount of fun with the kiddos.
We got to go to the park for 3 days and went to see the Blue Man Group! It was so great to have all that time at the park! We didn't feel rushed and could come and go and see everything with out feeling too run into the ground.
We also picked the best time to visit. It was great weather and there were very very little crowds, so some mornings it felt like we had the whole thing to ourselves. The other perk to it being less crowded is of course the lack to wait times. We rode all the rides we wanted and rode them multiple times. I can't tell you how many times in a row the kids rode The Cat Hat ride!
Also, I would totally recommend the Blue Man Group. If you ever get the chance to see them, DO IT! The music is great and they are way fun and funny. I saw them once before in a concert and that seemed to be more music, at Universal they also incorporated more sketch type comedy. It was a blast!

Water taxi that we took back and forth from the resort, I think
the kids thought it was a ride all by itself!

Swimming and playing in the B-E-A-UTIFUL pool area

The Ball Factory in the kids zone at Universal. That and Seuss landing was the kids favorite. 

MIB ride! So much fun shooting the aliens!