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Friday, September 25, 2009

Family Update:

We are getting settled in here in Alabama, even though we are still house hunting! Last week we did find a home that we like and are putting in an offer ASAP! So maybe after 2 failed attempts to buy a house, this one will pull through! I am sure that I will be posting picture as soon as we know! Then of course you will all get a blow-by-blow of all the updates I have planned, hehe!*evil laugh*

Jonathan has finally started back up with his MBA classes, and will be having a meeting at church week after next. He is very excited about all the work that he is getting to do here!

I am preparing for all the family visits that we are expecting over the next few weeks. Gigi and Pawpaw, and then Mom and Dad for a whole week. :)

We are also planning for our Halloween Party which is sure to be the best one yet...and yes those picture will be posted too! James is going as a toy soldier, I am a sugarplum fairy and Jonathan (because he refused to be a nutcracker!) will be the crazy haired conductor of the Nutcracker :)