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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

October craft-a-thon

October is almost upon us! Hooray to the start to the holiday season!
I think that there are so many holidays in the winter month to stave off the depression of winter that would surely fall on us if we didn't have costumes, turkey, holly and kisses at midnight to cheer us up!
We are planning to have our annual Halloween party again this year and I am open to any fun party or crafting ideas you have and plan to return the favor with (hopefully) a craft-a-day on the blog this October! I figure that between all the project I have planned in the kiddos rooms and a Halloween party to prepare for I should do okay. Plus it will be a great motivator to get all the crafty thing done that I need to do anyway!


twpoe said...

Great Idea, Looking forward to seeing your GREATNESS. (Tiffany rays)