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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sight Words Activities

We are working hard on our three "R"s, reading, writing, and arithmetic! 
I am on the hunt for fun ways to teach the reading part. 
Boys are notorious for being less than enthusiastic about learning to read, and I don't want to poison the well with well intentioned nagging. 
So, I am doing my best to make it fun and pressure free, but we still have to get it done! We are all readers and I can't wait to share that love with each of my kids. 
Here are a couple fun activities I have mined out of a google search and created for us in little to no time! 
The first is an egg flipping game. You flip the egg with a spatula once you have read to word. 
I used clip art and self sealing laminate sheets to quickly create a super fun sight word game. 
You can write in the back with a magic marker and then erase it when you want to change words by stibbleing over it with an erasable marker. 
I am also planning letter pancakes for Lillybug's preschool work. 

The other activity, sand words, is pretty straight forward. 
It will be wonderful for sight word reinforcement in a very tactile way. I like to try and create activities that stimulate all the ways of learning; visual, auditory and kinesthetic.