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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Adventures in Upcycling : Can planters

Fun garden DIY to start off the week!

I absolutely love this low cost way to jazz up a boring old fence. 
We use a lot of the jumbo sized tomato sauce and green beans cans, so it was not too much trouble to wash them out and save them up. It took a few weeks of yelling "Stop! don't pitch that can!" and only a few dives into the kitchen trash can to get enough for the fence.
Once you have amassed enough cans simply add a little spray paint and screw them randomly onto the fence and pick out some flowers. I chose a variety of annual flowers and a couple annual vines to add more depth once they get growing.
A Low cost and low effort DIY with a big payoff. 
Froggy in the milk flowers! 
I know, I know! Really over done and soooo last year, but I love it all the same.