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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bragging Rights

James is growing like a little weed! He is sitting up almost with no help. If he gets over excited he will forget to steady himself, but he is doing really well otherwise. He is also getting some hair. He no longer looks like a little old man with a hair fringe. It is not long but it is there.
He is also still teething, the poor baby can't catch a brake! They keep going in and out all over his little mouth! I am guessing that when they do come in he will get a lot all at once.
Sadly we are going to have to start letting him learn to get to sleep on his own. We have tried everything and he is still waking up over and over all night! So we are starting "sleep training", which will not be any kind of fun! Hopefully when it is over though we will all get to sleep!!!
Jonathan is working hard as always, but now he is also working on his writing. He has always had an inclination in that direction and now he is pursuing it.
He has started a blog called Bible Gems. The "Bible Gems" he wants to collect into a book, and the other part is reviewing books for DeWard Publishing. Which he is super super excited about! He is so cute. ;) He has also started working on a book on Leviticus. Can we say "Multitask"!


Anonymous said...

Multitasking----That my boy!!!!
My bragging rights. hehe.
You are a great wife and mother to be able to handle a Multitasking

I love this blog, I am able to see my little grandman, although he is
2,000 miles away...

MiMi in Alabama