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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cake Biz Names

As you know I like to make cakes! I have been offered a way to actually get the business off the ground, but I have to get a name! I like the name "Tiffany's Cake Couture" but I need to know if it is confusing or difficult. Another name I like is "The Cakery".
So let me know if you like either name and tell me any suggestion that you have!!!

PS you can write a comment without having a g-mail account, just post it "anonymous"...just sign you name at the end of the post. :)


Anonymous said...

I like both names.Not much help I know.:) Love Mommy

Anonymous said...

I like The Cakery..


Anonymous said...

I like The Cakery.....How about
"Tiffany's Tasty Treats", but then
again that sounds like you will be doing more than cakes....

"Tiffany's Tasty Treasures".....because I am so highly impressed with them.....It would be a "treasure" to me IF i had that kind of talent.
Love ya,