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Friday, August 31, 2012

Almost No Sew Tutu

If your little bit is anything like mine she loves to dress up, we call her fancy Nancy! So as you can imagine this tutu is a big hit with her!
Here is a guide to help you get your project juices flowing and make one for your little girl!

You will need:
~ One roll of tulle per color. Use as many colors as you like, I only used black and white for this tutu.
~ A couple rolls of coordinating ribbon
~ Elastic

First measure the elastic to fit around your child's waist, cut and sew with a zigzag stitch to create a loop. Now, no more sewing I promise!!
Now it's time to cut, cut, cut!! Decide how long you want you to tutu and cut your tulle double that. You can have it short and fluffy or long and flowy! Given the choice, I usually pick all things flowy!
Once your strips are cut fold them in half, notice the loop you have crated at the top. Place your elastic on top this loop and pull the bottom of your tulle through the loop going over the elastic.
Now repeat alternating with the ribbons attached in the same way as the tulle!

The last step is to wear and enjoy! Watch your little one's imagination run wild!