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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fancy Nancy Birthday

Lilly-bug's fabulously Fancy Nancy 2nd Birthday

Fancy Nancy inspired birthday dress!

Pink Fluffy Topiary
Items Needed
-foam ball
-small wooden dowel (I cut mine in half to make two)
-craft paper
-6 in flat round foam piece
-a bit of tulle
You should be able to get all you need from your local craft store.

Hot glue the boa to the foam ball in a spiral pattern. Then wrap the round flat foam piece in scrap paper for the base, secure with glue. Your scrapbook paper should be much taller than the foam piece. Then attach them together with a small wooden dowel.  Add a little hot glue to the joints just in case. Lastly, stuff the bit of tulle all around inside the base.
I add a couple rocks from my garden down under the tulle so it wouldn't tip over as easily.

Crafts! Crowns and princess wands for everyone!
Displayed in fancy fabric covered cardboard boxes ;)

Boas, Jewelery and Nail Polish Station