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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ants Alive!!!

We are doing My Father's World kindergarten curriculum this year. We are working at it more slowly because James is only 4, so I am hoping to finish around Christmas. Even so I am behind in the live animal portions of the lessons. The bug lesson (which we have already passed) called for an ant farm. Well procrastination ensued until I have FINALLY got the ants and put them in their home.
I am really glad I didn't wait any longer to open the package than 2 day because the ants were live ants not eggs or something, which is what I assumed they where. We all know what happens when you assume! Haha!
Anyway James was terrified and wasn't going to help me. (Back story: I thought he would find the story of man eating ants in Africa weird and cool not nightmare inducing)
Long story short we stuck the ants in the fridge for 10 seconds to calm them and QUICKLY deposited them into the ant hill. Full disclosure mom was a little freaked out too!
All we have to do now is watch them and hope they don't stage a revolution in the night...seriously I am a little concerned.