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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Read aloud book

Reading to kids it a wonderful way to promote literacy, to grow a love of learning that will serve them the all their lives. My husband and I have always read to our little bits, even when they were too little to understand! We both love to read and think it is the best gift, besides a love of the Lord, that we can give to our children.

I love reading the little bedtime books, some of which are truly wonderful, but I would really love to read something with a little more story. So I am going to starting a reading a chapter book aloud. I tried this before and it didn't really take off. I looked up read aloud books and picked Peter Pan, I even showed him the movie to get him in the mood for the book. Unfortunately it is a very old book and while I am sure the kids of the time found the style and wording very enthralling, my kid did not, I even found it a bit tongue tying at times.
So this time I picked My Father's Dragon. It is about a little boy who goes off the the Wild Island to save a misused baby dragon. (sounds just about right for my little Attila the Hun!!)
I am happy to report that he loves it so far and is already play acting the first couple of chapters that we read today.

Nailed it!
If you are interested in a good chapter book for your little bits this is a great site. It has wonderful list and links to book buying sites for when you have found the on you want. It also looks like you can create your own lists of future reads.