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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby leggings

I love me some baby legs, the brand that is. Unfortunately, I want more colors and patterns than they have, I also am really really cheep so I don't want to pay for them!
They are super cute under a skirt and are the bomb for potty training.
I also really want some with legs but you can't find them! So i am making my own new and Tiffany improved baby legs!

You need:
-Knee high women's socks (I find them 3 for around 6 bucks at walmart)
-sewing machine
-needle and thread
and a roll of tulle if you want to make the tutu legs

Cut out the middle (use a current sock for measure) and then sew the toe and body of the sock together. Easy peasy!

Another fun one is a Tutu baby leg!
I am seriously it love with these bad boys!

Get the women's knee high sock of your choice and cut off the foot. If you want to leave it with out the tutu sew along the edge with a zig-zag stitch pulling as you go. It makes a nice wavy edge and is really cute.
If you wan the Tutu edge leave it raw and sew together two elastic loops your kids approximate ankle size.

Then just like if you were making a full size tutu loop strips of tulle until the elastic is covered.
Last, but not least, hand sew the tutu to the bottom of the sock.
I suggest sewing from the bottom as apposed to down the middle of the tutu. It hides the stitches and keeps the tulle out of your way.