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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miss-matched painted toddler shoes

Oh what a little creativity and a cheep mommy can do!

I love the Chooze brand of miss-matched kids shoes but I am so not paying 45.00 bucks for kids shoes! Yes, yes I know I am cheep!

Anyway! I ran across some white canvas Mary Jane style shoes at hobby lobby and decided to get crafty with my bad self and make some!
Cut to an hour later and a paint pen fume headache, and "voila!" fabulous shoes!!

All you need are some canvas shoes (hobby lobby), paint pens, and some clear spray paint sealer.

As a side note the paint pens can bless so watch that and don't get the spray on the soles, it makes them super sticky


angel gonzales said...

You surely did great a job on those shoes! They are so cute and i bet you did save some amount of money. Thanks for the idea. I'll try to do the same thing.