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Monday, November 19, 2012

Samaritans Purse Toy Boxes

I have wanted to do the Samaritans Purse boxes for a couple of years and have finally gotten it all together in time, barely in time! James was very interested and glad to give to the "children with no money to buy toys", though he did ask if they were going to send him a toy in return. I told him that the gift that we get is knowing that we have make someone happy, and made God happy. He seemed OKAY with this! haha! I was also very proud that he was able to shop for the boxes without begging and was happy to pack them up and send them off. He is a good boy!
We packed toys and school supplies for a boy and girl about James and Lillian's age. Also we included photos and a note/picture the kids drew. The site said that if you include your address you make hear back from the child that gets your box. It would make James's day, and mine, to get a letter from Africa!