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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Color Fun

I am an artist, so for me color and creating is really high on my pass-along-to-my-kids list. So any project that teaches color or is an outlet for me to see there little creative hearts, then I love it!
Here are a few we have done recently...

Zip lock bags and paint taped to the table. Say No to mess and Yes to fun!
(BTW I really need to make some real curtains for in here...PLEASE pardon the sheet!!)
Sidewalk outline people! The kids love being traced with the chalk and really really love adding features, hair and clothes to create themselves in chalk.

James came up with a great idea to stand against the wall to create a standing up chalk man.

Mod Podge + tissue paper + muffin pan = Awesome

Lillian doing it her way....the teen years will be super fun!
James showing her how to do it. I made it for her but he seemed to like it more.