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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Need a belt for the caped crusader? Well, diabolical duck tape, batman! Look no further!
Just a roll if yellow duct tape can make you into a well equipped dark knight of super cuteness!
Are you enjoying my batmanisms?

Supplies: Duct tape and scissors

All you need to do in double over the duct tape on itself in the length you need for the belt part. Then do the same, only smaller to create the pouches. Leave a little bit on the end to tape the two ends together with.
Then cut a piece for the bottom and fold it around.
Then make you a small folded over piece for the flap and tape it on to the pouch. I also added a little bit of tape to hold the flap closed.
Tape it to the belt and repeat until you have as many as your batman needs to defend the night!


You can also add a loop to hold your belt on! Don't want to be losing your belt in front of Cat Woman!