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Thursday, October 18, 2012

N is for nest

We are trucking along in our My Fathers World lessons! We are doing N for nest. He is really getting that letters have sounds, he knows most of them, and that the sounds strung together make words, we talked about "at" words today, so all and all I am pleased!
I will say that I am starting to hear the homeschool green eyed monster creeping up behind me. Comparing one kid to another is not helpful! I keep repeating my new mantra, "he is only four, he has his own special gifts, don't compare, don't compare!!". But, as I am sure any parent, homeschooling or otherwise, knows that that none-comparing attitude only lasts until I stop saying the mantra!
Anyway! Back to Nests!
We made butterscotch haystacks and added some marshmallow eggs to make nests! It sounded a lot better than the suggested edible nest in the book!