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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quite books

Thanks to the wonder of pinterest I have found the greatest new church toy!
A Quite Book!!
I used the left over felt from Lillian's owl costume, so that was a win all by itself, and made these nifty little guys.
So far we have a fab Mrs Potato head and a cute little car track. They are pretty simple to make, just a couple of layers of felt sewn together for the book part and then I cut out all the shapes for the parts. I did the parts double thick for sturdiness and used fabric fusion glue, but you could sew them too. It was easier to glue them but I bet the sewing would look a lot better. Thankfully my kids don't score me on looks, just the fun factor!
I want to pick up a couple more felt colors to make more potato parts and add to the town, and make more...any ideas??